Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bad Flare Day

This has been quite a week. This latest flare has been pretty bad. Not really what I had in mind for the week. I really wanted to work some in the yard but that has been totally out of the question. The weather here now isn't helping either.

Had a dentist appointment today and then went to lunch with my friend Brenda who so patiently listened to me vent about this and that. She really is the best! Afterward I came home exhausted and in pain. There was a memorial mass for one of my high school friends Dan Sullivan which I decided not to go to. It really killed me but I just couldn't. Afterward some of my high school friends and I were going to go up to Brio, I am assuming they are probably still there-who knows. Dan died in September and I did go to a memorial service back then for him on the same day as our 25th class reunion. Today was really just a memorial mass given in his name. My dad was able to go to pay his respects to the family.

These are the hard decisions I have to make. To go or not to go. I do it all based on how I am feeling at the time, that is why sometimes I will not know until the last minute if I will be able to do something or not and that is why I don't like making plans ahead of time, although I am trying to make plans and stick to them because I do not want this to control my life. I want to lead as much of a normal life as possible. I am trying my hardest.
Anyway- I think more rain tomorrow. I have one appointment tomorrow and then I will take it from there. Maybe I will actually go run an errand or two. We'll see.

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