Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life is Great!

Life is great! I refuse to think otherwise. I know there are so many things going on in this world that are bringing people down. I will not be one of them. My husband doesn't think I "get It" and that I need to face reality. Oh I do "get it" and I am certainly very realistic, but just because I choose to think positive and imagine that everything is going to be ok does not mean that I don't see what is going on, and I am not going to let it eat away at me and just assume the worst.
My whole life I have felt financially secure, but right now is the first time in my life where I don't feel as secure. I don't work, John has had to take a huge cut in pay, John's hospital bills (after insurance payments) have finally arrived, and I know that he is freaking out about it. Also the fact that he doesn't even know if his job is secure (his thinking) and what can happen in the future. It's scary and I do "get it."
Here's my thing, instead of thinking the worst, I imagine the best. I know we need to be realistic, but they don't see what I see. I see a great future. I see options. I KNOW everything is going to be ok- call me crazy-I'm not though. How do I know everything is going to be ok? I just do. I've always known certain things. Some of you know that about me, some of you are once again thinking I am crazy.
The bottom line is that you choose how you want to live your life and if you imagine the best, well then how can anything but that positive energy focus on what you want in life. You could also call this the "Law of Attraction" something I truly believe in, for I have been blessed with everything that I ever wanted.
I know I am a terrible blogger because I start with one thing and totally get side tracked and ramble on about something else and my blogs never seem to make sense. Well they do to me, I guess ;-)
It's ok to be realistic and have options available and be prepared, but don't anticipate what hasn't happened yet and imagine the worst, that's just going to surround you with that negative energy and probably give you an ulcer.
Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment of everyday, savor it as if it were your last, take one day at a time.
Maybe I am living in a fantasy world, but I'm happy, and life is good here. You are always welcome to join me. My door is always unlocked- you just have to turn the knob and open it. You will truly be amazed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Point of View

Three stone masons were at work when a passer-by stopped and asked each one the simple question: What are you doing?
The first replied: Obviously, I am cutting stone.
The second replied: My good man, I am earning a living.
The third lifted his eyes and said with a smile and with pride: I am building a cathedral.
All three were doing the same kind of work but their reactions were a matter of attitude. To one the task was boring, to another it was just a job, but to the third the task was thrilling. All work can become ennobling to the person who can see in it creative purposes and the importance of his own efforts. (from Moments of Meditation by Paul S. McElroy 1961)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Attitude

So I said I might bring fibromyalgia back to the blog once in a while, well here it is. Yes I still have FM, yes I still have pain & fatigue and other symptoms but a lot has changed at the same time.
After not finding a medication that will work for me, just the occasional hydrocodone, which really doesn't relieve the FM pain just the other pains from arthritis, etc., I was partaking in many support groups both online and a local one here in Charlotte. I even started several groups myself, and my blog was solely about FM. I thought this is great to be able to share with other people who actually understand what I am going through and whom I can talk to. I thought this was very therapeutic until I noticed that my symptoms seemed to be getting progressively worse. I just blamed the FM as a progressive disease, which the doctors say is not. Well I decided to take a break from all of my FM groups and I stopped going to my local support group and something amazing happened--- I started feeling better! I have always believed that you take in the energy of what surrounds you, and if I am grouped with a bunch of people that are in constant misery, then I am going to feel it too, also being the somewhat empath that I am, I do feel what others feel. Oh I'm not cured, in fact I am in extreme pain right now as I type this, but yet I feel great! I know this can not make sense, but it does to me. I hate the pain, but I accept it and I have to live with it and I'm ok with that.
I haven't given up on my fibro friends who need my support, for them I will always be here, and I will always advocate for fibromyalgia awareness. I still drop in on my online groups about once a month to check in and say hi because I am still one of them-I just choose not to write about it everyday and about how life sucks and how I wish I would die-- No- I don't feel that way. Life is good! I am happy and fortunate to have what I have in this life and path that has been chosen for me.
The mind is amazing- creative visualization works- you have the power to control how you choose to feel.
BTW- I am also seeing a reflexologist who might have something to do with this change too but I think I need to take the credit for my mindset, because only I can control that.
Always smile, think positive, spread that positive energy to those around you- it is amazing what can happen.