Saturday, March 17, 2018

Our New Discoveries

Now is a great time to be alive. Discoveries that have taken place within our lifetime are both wonderful and terrifying. The possibilities of what man can do seem unlimited but the value of any new discoveries will depend upon how they are used - for destructive or constructive purposes, to hurt or to heal, to hinder or to help. How we respond will depend on how strong within us is the desire to serve, upon whether or not our love for others is greater than our fear of others, upon the extent we are willing to sacrifice and place service above self, upon how much we are willing to give for the sake of the welfare of all. The extent to which we are committed to ordeals will determine the use we make of power, for ultimately the spiritual will control the material.
~Paul S. McElroy from Moments of Meditation 1961

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Basic Needs

Within all of us there are basic needs which must be met if we are to live a full, well-rounded life. One of these needs is rooted in the desire to be somebody. The feeling of being important, of being wanted and needed, is as essential to us as food. We cannot live by bread alone. A word of encouragement, a compliment, a kindness or a favor, will do much to assure another he/she is important and means something to somebody. To let someone know that he/she is wanted is one way of letting him/her feel important and one of the best ways for us to feel important is to be of service to others.
From Moments of Meditation by Paul S. McElroy

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Living Within Limitations

Sharing this repeat from a previous post:

If we live under a handicap - and who does not - let us not pity ourselves. The tragedy is not to be found in the handicap but in our inability to to live within the margins of our strength. For even within our limitations there is an opportunity to improve and find contentment. We shouldn't be dissatisfied with what we have not, but rejoice in what we have. The secret of rising above rather than being defeated by our handicaps, of being victors instead of the victims of circumstances, is to be found not in rebellion - but in adapting and making the most of situations that confront us.

From Moments of Meditaion by Paul S. McElroy ©1961