Thursday, January 21, 2010

Strong Enough

From the days of the bronze ages when primitive men first discovered that if copper and tin were mixed a stronger metal resulted, to the days of the steel age when men discovered that if carbon were mixed with iron a still stronger metal resulted, the history of progress has been one of trial and error. In order to stand the added strain and stress that is being put upon us in these days, we need a tougher metal in our souls. The only alloy that can successfully strengthen and fuse with our impure hearts is love. Love is a concern for others that knows no limitations. Love is the ultimate in altruism. Such love can endure all things. When our souls are fused with such love, then the metal of our souls will be strong enough for anything.

- Moments of Meditation by Paul S. McElroy 1961

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I Love Penguins!!! I have a huge collection & feel like somewhat of an expert. Heck I even have a penguin tattoo, and some of my art features penguins as well. They certainly are amazing creatures. I would love to see them in their natural habitat one day, which I really don't see ever happening-It's so cold down there. Well, lately we have a had some freak arctic blast here which makes me feel like my penguin friends. I know, it's really not THAT cold here, but still. Still Freezing!!!

Nothing new & exciting here on my end, and lately my mind has been drawing blanks on creative ideas.
I do want to share a video though, made by my beautiful step-daughter, Jennifer, which highlights her family in 2009. Having no biological children of my own, Jennifer is the most wonderful daughter one can imagine. I feel so blessed to have her & her family as part of my life. She & her husband Tommy have also given me the greatest gift of a granddaughter-Payton. This is a beautiful video.