Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I Love Penguins!!! I have a huge collection & feel like somewhat of an expert. Heck I even have a penguin tattoo, and some of my art features penguins as well. They certainly are amazing creatures. I would love to see them in their natural habitat one day, which I really don't see ever happening-It's so cold down there. Well, lately we have a had some freak arctic blast here which makes me feel like my penguin friends. I know, it's really not THAT cold here, but still. Still Freezing!!!

Nothing new & exciting here on my end, and lately my mind has been drawing blanks on creative ideas.
I do want to share a video though, made by my beautiful step-daughter, Jennifer, which highlights her family in 2009. Having no biological children of my own, Jennifer is the most wonderful daughter one can imagine. I feel so blessed to have her & her family as part of my life. She & her husband Tommy have also given me the greatest gift of a granddaughter-Payton. This is a beautiful video.

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