Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year

I really do hope that everyone had a blessed 2009 and I wish only the best for everyone in 2010.
This past year has had it's ups & downs for me, but I'm still here.
I have grown in so many ways and have finally accepted that I am a new person physically due to my fibromyalgia, so I've kind of been able to get a "new beginning" as the "new" Sara. I'm still the same on the inside, and if you look at me, I still look the same on the outside. I am the only one who really knows my physical capabilities although you still may not notice.
I am so grateful for my family & friends, both old & new, and look forward to the new friendships to come.
I wish you all health, happiness, peace, love, joy, financial stability, tolerance, laughter, I could go on & on....
Big HUGS to all of you ♥

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