Friday, March 6, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

Watching U2 on Good Morning America and I have to agree it is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the temps are going to reach the upper 70s this weekend, you can't help but feel great-at least mentally. Physically, not so good. I blame myself and I don't apologize for it.
I decided to go to the Southern Spring Show on Wednesday so that I could take pictures of the gardens and flowers. I also ended up buying some kind of Flapjack Cactus, a Desert Rose for me and one for my mom and a Eucalyptus. These are not things I would normally buy but felt possessed to and they were very inexpensive. I wanted to buy a weeping Pussy Willow but I can do that later. I decided to go by myself this time so that I could go at my own pace and leave when I had to. I lasted about 2 1/2 hours which is pretty good for me. I decided to skip the home improvement section of the show. I am very glad that I went and very proud of myself although I knew that I would be paying the consequences later and sure enough I did. I had to rest for the rest of the day and I was in extreme pain. It was still worth it- I need the normalcy.
Yesterday, although in extreme pain, I decided to prune the rose bushes, something which needed to be done and the weather was nice. I also re-potted the plants I bought, except for the Eucalyptus which I will plant outside soon. I was miserable but I kept pushing. I even cooked dinner- I figure I already feel this bad what could be worse. I could not move and last night I had to finally stop. I hate this about myself. I can't pace myself and stop when I know that I should. I want to to do more today although I am statue stiff and in torturing pain, but the beautiful day just keeps calling out to me. I am moving very slowly right now and maybe, I might do some little simple things even though I know I should rest today.

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