Thursday, March 26, 2009

Being Strong

Another day of awful symptoms. 100% chance of rain is probably a huge contributor. It just has not been a good month for me. This entire week has been nothing but "Red" days and I have become completely frustrated. I finally had to tell my Fab 5 friends that I could not go out Saturday for our Girl's Day Out. The plan is to go to IKEA and unfortunately I have to accept that I am physically not capable of enduring that and that really pains me. This is another one of those times that reminds me that I am disabled and I don't like it. I am not going to feel sorry for myself however because that really gets you nowhere. Plus John is home sick today-he thinks he might have the flu and he feels terrible. I really want to be there for him and do what I have to, to take care of him like he always takes care of me. I must put my fibromyalgia aside and be strong for him, although I will feel the effects of it later.

I can't really put my fibro aside, I just , for one, day have to ignore myself and how I feel, no matter how bad, so that I can do something for someone else. Everyone always says how you have to take care of yourself first, well this is different. This is my husband who has taken care of me everyday that he is capable and today I do what I must for him. I will pay the price without hesitation.

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