Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Been a While

I know it has been a while since my last post but I have had a terrible time with my FM. I have only started gradually feeling better within the last couple of days, that is when I can say that I am a survivor because I make it through the tough times and then everything is ok. I don't know how long this good spell will last but with FM you'll take what you can get.
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I love to do all of the cooking. This year I had to ask for help from John. I was physically not able to do it all. It is hard to ask for help when it is something you want to do but sometimes we have no choice. I have to say that on that day I felt for the first time in my life "disabled" or "handicapped" which probably makes no sense to anyone but me. The day was nice with the family and the food and I enjoyed it as much as I could.
A couple of weeks ago when I went to the Christmas show, there was a lady selling some oils for relief of all kinds of ailments. She used to have FM and had an oil that she makes herself and says she no longer needs medications. I am not a sucker but when you feel what I feel you will try anything. The bottle was an expensive $18-stupid right? Anyway I started using it the other night. You are supposed to put it where your pain is and then on the soles of your feet. I am not saying this oil did anything, but I have been feeling better ever since and I have been using it daily. It could just be a coincidence, but I'll take it. Yesterday I actually went out in the yard for a while and did a few things and put a couple of outdoor decorations out. Little by little-we'll see.
Last week I also reduced my pain medication by half because I didn't feel like it was doing anything and I feel no difference since then so apparently it wasn't doing anything. I didn't use the oil yesterday- I don't think it is a miracle cure- I know my mind can influence a lot of things- I am just glad that today I can say that I am a Survivor!

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