Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here I am again feeling like crap and I have felt this way for the last few days. I can never figure out why because things happen in conjunction. For example, I lowered my tramadol thinking it wasn't doing anything then I start feeling bad again, but the weather is also rainy and messy and I feel like I have a bad flu. if it weren't for the weather I could say that maybe my tramadol was actually working for me but since the weather affects me, I can't tell which is the cause in this case. It is so frustrating trying to deduce and factor to figure out what works for me. I haven't been using the oil much but when I used it the other day I am pretty sure it helped. My problem is lack of motivation and forgetfulness. I just don't think about using it every day. You would think that with my pain and all that I would do anything but my fatigue makes me lazy and I just lay there putting it off until later. I make it here to the computer on my bathroom rounds. every time I get up to go, I drop in and try to catch up on some e-mail and go back to the sofa. I am so behind on all of my e-mails, I drop in on facebook and care2 as well but can't stay for long. I feel really out of touch. I guess I am.

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