Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Am Drawing a Blank

Ever since I changed my blog, My mind has not been able to come up with anything to blog about. Nothing really new happening in my life and it's been too hot and humid to work out in the yard.
I have been going through some old pictures which bring back a lot of memories, and my poor facebook friends are being tagged without warning.
On another note, as you may know, my mom is a very talented musician. She can play any instrument by ear, which I guess is where I get it from, because I don't read music either. I taught myself guitar chords and went from there. Anyway, getting back to the story, my mom wrote a lot of songs, mainly Boleros when she was young. She has old recordings of them, but now her friends are actually performing them.
A couple of years ago, my mom asked if I wanted to perform one of her songs at an event, which I did want to but declined because it had been so long since I had performed in front of a crowd that it gave me a panic attack just thinking about it.
Anyway, I have finally decided to record her songs at our friend's recording studio, something that means a lot to me and to my mom. My mom told me last night that our friend can get the whole band together but not for a few weeks now, which works for me-more time to practice. I would love to do a duet with my mom as we have always done my whole life, harmonizing to each others tunes.
I too have written many songs, but that was a long time ago and I have no desire to record them professionally. I have old recordings too, but I can just re-record here at home-John's got me hooked up.
Look for me on the Billboard charts-NOT :-)
Meanwhile, our friend will be performing this weekend at a gallery opening, of course I have drawn a blank on the name of the gallery(Fibro Fog)

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