Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Dedicate This to John

I don't know what I would do without my wonderful husband John. He has been so wonderful and understanding throughout my chronic illness and doesn't seem to mind the sacrifices that he has to make, although I feel guilty about it all, he never complains. John has had to take over most of the household duties because I am no longer able to do them. He is the most amazing man I know- my love, my soul-mate, my companion, my friend.
Here is something written by one of my friends with fibromyalgia who is also fortunate to have such a wonderful husband.
Outside the sky is almost black and the rain pours down so hard you can see the dents of the rain drops in the dirt of the driveway.
Inside there are children laughing, playing, running around. They are cheery and anxious awaiting a break in the weather so they can move their games outside. And the thunder rolls and the children's hopes of outdoor play are fading, but within a few minutes they are on to other things and it doesn't matter.
Inside, the comfort of the couch is welcoming a sore, sore body. A body in pain, a body that burns with pain of an invader that is not quite understood medically, but the invader is understood by the body. It is rainy and damp and therefore the body hurts, end of story. The joints are swollen, the muscles are tight and no amount of massage or rubbing or heat are going to make a bit of difference to the invader that keeps the body still and keeps it from joining the kids on the floor while they play. The mind remains hopeful that the pain will go away soon, but with every thunder clap and every pounding sound of the rain, the body knows it will not be joining the children today. A welcoming hug from a child causes the body to cringe in pain, but the body refuses to turn the child away, it is not the child's fault the body hurts and the hugs are meant to make it feel better. The hug cures the soul, but alas, not the body. Supper will not be made by this body today, laundry will not be done even though the body knows the children need clothes washed, the dishes will not be done even though the counter is begging to be cleared of them. But don't worry they will get done by the body's soulmate, who upon arriving home from work does not have these chores in mind, but after seeing the body in pain knows that he must pick up the slack. And the body is greatful for the help and relieved to know that these things will be done.
Tomorrow promises a clear and sunny day, for which the body will soak up the sun and should feel better and free from the serious pain that is keeping it from moving off the couch today. The eyes grow weary and burn because they too have muscles that are affected by the invader. The invader is not picky, no, the invader loves all body parts equally and loves to invade them when the weather is damp and dreary. That is when the invader is strongest, it seems to draw it's strength from all this dreary dampness. The invader wins today...but tomorrow the body shall be victorious and once again be strong. The body will take this small victory tomorrow and feel thankful and abundant in health. The body's time will come when the weather changes again and once again is sunny and brite.
And so the body will bid good night and hope for good weather tomorrow.

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