Sunday, April 25, 2010

About Prayer

Those of you that know me well know that I am not a religious person in the regular sense of the word. I consider myself more of a spiritual person with a universal love for all and the religions that they follow. I usually do not talk religion or politics, but I've been finding a lot of articles and such lately on Prayer. Whether you believe in God or a higher power or nothing at all, I do believe we all have to have faith in something to keep us going and it does not have to revolve around religion, although this is where is customarily comes into play.
One thing I do believe in is the power of prayer (no matter who you are praying to). There is something about a group of people actually putting their thoughts & good intentions into your well-being that enacts a positive, peaceful energy flow that you can actually feel at times of despair. I know that people pray for me & I pray for a lot of people, hoping that whatever troubles or ails them will somehow be alleviated and they can feel the love & peace that I am sending their way.
My mom has this book, well it's actually in my possession now, called Moments Of Meditation by Paul S. McElroy, copyright 1961. I use this in a lot of my blog entries and when friends need special comfort. The entries in this book are still so relevant in 2010.
Here is an entry called About Prayer, which is really aimed at praying to God, but can easily be interpreted to meet your sense of worship and/or your higher power.
About Prayer
Prayer is not an attempt to get what we want but an endeavor to give God an opportunity to do what he wants through us. Prayer is not begging from God but cooperating with Him. The thing to be sought is not how to get our way, but how to accept the will of God. The intent is not to change God's mind, but to change our attitudes. Prayer is really thinking in God's presence. As the level of our conscience is raised toward the level of God's thoughts, the happenings of life are seen in truer perspective. Effective prayer involves a deep yearning to know God, an eagerness to trust God all the way, an ability to relinquish our hold, and a willingness to let go and let God.


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