Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peace & Happiness

BE YOURSELF ... DARE TO DREAM... REMEMBER TO LAUGH - We've all received advice over the years from family, friends, co-workers - even from hairdressers and bartenders. Sometimes we nod our heads in casual agreement, but pay no more attention to the advice than we would to emptying the trash. At other times, good advice arrives just when we need it the most, Our best friends tells us to go on that job interview, and we get the job offer and the happiness and fulfillment we're looking for.
Sometimes, like a thief, happiness sneaks up on us when we least we least expect it - and we are forever changed. We become open to new experiences; we feel that single ray of sunshine on a cold, wintry day; we feel blessed to be alive. At other times, happiness can be not only hard to obtain but also hard to recognize. The search for happiness can be a lifelong process of discovery and trial and error. I hope that I, as a person, can help you discover what you can do to enjoy the peace & satisfaction of a happy life. My goal is to bring peace & happiness to all.
I am always here for you ♥

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